• Yoga & its various paths
  • Karma Yoga
  • Gnana Yoga
  • Bhakthi Yoga
  • Raja Yoga
  • Pranayama

The practice of yoga asana also called as' Hatha yoga' are the physical postures for well-being of the body.

Yoga also means training the mind to unite with our ‘Self’. In that sense our ancient sages have suggested broadly four paths depending on which faculty of our mind we strongly use:

Ahankar or Ego/ Karma yoga: if we are deeply attached doing some kind of work, then if we dedicate all what we do for sake of divinity without expecting results, it can be called Karma Yoga.

Buddhi & Chit or Discriminating/ deciding faculty/ Gnana yoga:If we can apply discrimination and thereby use our Chit to contemplate and dedicate everything what we do to divinity then we can say Gnana yoga can be used or applied more than the other paths.

Manas or recording faculty/Bhakthi yoga: if we can totally surrender all our actions and resultant benefits to divinity then it is called ‘Bhakthi Yoga’.

Self or consciousness/ Raja Yoga:If used as an object in meditation then it is called as Raja Yoga and that will be done thru our type of meditation.

Pranayama: Control of breath has a strong influence on the state of our mind. Hence it is always advisable to do pranayama for about 5 minutes before we start meditation.