Real Vs. Unreal

Before we go on to see what is yoga and meditation & why we have to practice the same in our life, let us study / understand few thoughts on the following.

  • Thoughts & Imaginations Vs Reality
  • What is Real & Unreal

Whether existence of God or non-existence is asserted either way it is an imagination, as the Divinity all-pervading cannot be expressed in words or forms. But as humans since we are used to ‘Words and forms’ we imagine in our thought processes various forms and names to address ‘Divine Self’. Everything what we do in outer world, such as seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling or acting, all of these first arises as imaginations or thoughts and also leave resultant impressions/imaginations in our subtle mind. Hence we can say nothing is real in the outer world as it keeps changing all the time and most actions we do are arising out of previous impressions / imaginations in our subtle mind. Then it leads us to the question to find out what is real.

t has been discovered by our ancient Saints thru Meditation, that Existence of Divinity or GOD is real. That there is only one Power, one Intelligence, one Mind, which is GOD or Universal Self and our ‘Subtle mind’ is nothing but a reflex of that Omnipresent ‘Self’. So long we are away from the Universal mind ( or Self) our subtle mind or( localised thoughts or imprints that we carry) makes us appear powerless, unintelligent and gives us temporary pleasures and pain or sorrow which keeps changing all the time. What is caused to the ‘Subtle mind’ by our activities in the outer world is said to be ‘Unreal’ as it changes all the time. But through one-pointed concentration, we can attempt to purify our subtle mind and attain a state of ‘Self-realisation’ or illumination. After having attained which, no other gain seems greater. When we establish ourselves in that state human being cannot be overwhelmed by greatest of sorrows.

What is real can be called as Absolute field or unchanging. Also called in other words as ‘Self’, 'Omnipresent being' ‘Paramatma’ and present inside us also as’ Jivatma’. Our Guru(Teacher) used to say that the closest we can imagine it to be a 'Shoreless ‘Ocean’ or ‘Limitless space’. Jivatma’s can be stated as a droplet out of the Ocean if Paramatma is equated to an Ocean.