• How actions arise

All actions of the body are preceded by words prior to action and our words are preceded by some thoughts in our mind. The all-pervading ‘Self’ applies its light which passes thru Manas, Buddhi, Chit before our Ahankar executes the action. Hence our actions are always corrupted or influenced by the imprints already carried in our subtle mind as our Physical Organ brain picks most of the times, only impulses passed thru the ‘Subtle mind’. Hence most of our actions do not arise out of free thinking of our Will. Free Will is said to be used only when we use the ‘Power of concentration or attention’ we have to the fullest extent on a particular object or thought and it is passed on to our brain thru a pure Subtle mind. Most of the occasions we neither use the power of attention fully, nor the Subtle mind is kept pure to allow the Self to operate freely. Hence most of our actions becomes a predetermined or predestined ones. But thru meditation we can erase the previous imprints as a result Self in its pure form can influence actions directly whose mind is pure.