Q & A With Babaji

Questions & Answers from Babaji:


1) Thoughts, Imaginations Vs Reality:

Babaji answers:-   Thoughts arise in the mind due to imagination power of the mind which happens with the help of brain. Watching them, mind forgets that, thoughts are there due to its own imagination. Instead mind gets involved into its own thoughts, imaginations considering them as a reality. As these imaginations are impermanent, appears and disappears, cannot be a reality. Ability to imagine is a great power of the mind which gives rise to creativity. Based on this power only, whole creation has happened by the great supreme power of imagination (ability to create) of Supreme consciousness which is recognized as Divinity. 

Reality is experienced in deeper meditations when Samadhi occurs. In meditation as the mind slowly gives up all imaginations and recedes to its silence, loses consciousness of surroundings, world, eventually and body. At all times awareness consciousness of one's existence remains unchanged. This consciousness of existence is infinite which has no definition. When consciousness is silent and not into any types of imagination that existence awareness is to be known as Reality.


2) What is Real and what is Unreal?

Babaji answers:-  Anything that has come into existence is tend to lose its existence in due course of time. Hence a thing which appears and disappears cannot be real. This universe has appeared and is going to disappear in its own time limit. Hence universe cannot be real. Our own physical is born and dies in time cannot be real. That thing which has not appeared but always existed is real. Just like all objects, characters, stories etc..that appears in the mind disappears in time is not real and only mind which is combination of consciousness and energy is real . This is experienced in deeper meditations, when mind gives up all its imaginations by achieving total silence. In that silence it watches itself and becomes aware of itself. You try; you cannot make the mind disappear. You can destroy any object matter that is in the space to make it lose its existed shape and form but you cannot destroy space itself. You cannot touch the space in any way which is infinite. In deeper meditations when total silence and stillness of Samadhi happens the awareness occurs that space is not a void place as we have imagined but a Supreme Consciousness of existence.


3) What is concentration?

Babaji answers:-  A focussed attention is concentration. Your effort with total focussed attention is what is known as concentrated effort. Because mind is a combination of consciousness and energy when you achieve total mental concentration it becomes single pointed and aware of it. To become aware of, to achieve best results in any field, concentrated application of mind is important and then you become aware of that truth of existence. I have always told if you practice meditation you can work like a genius.  By concentration, we can unite ourselves with all things, from the minutest to the biggest, from the lowest to the highest. As it is truly said by the Self realised yogi’s ‘Through mastery of concentration one gains access everywhere, from the atom to the Infinite. 


4) Can you tell us about our mind?

Babaji answers:- Mind is an infinite combination of consciousness and energy.

Consciousness means, wherever you apply you become aware of that existence, either the imagination that is in the mind or mind itself if no further imagination is generated. Consciousness is able to get applied, imagine and be creative etc.. is due to the presence of energy in it. Consciousness and energy are inseparable. In spirituality this combination is recognized as the concept of SHIVA- SHAKTI ALSO AS ARDHANAREESHWARAR. 

Further you cannot show your mind, of its form, colour or shape. Nobody has seen it in naked eyes. Simply by the thoughts and visions that are in the mind you tell, my mind wants to go there, do this, I want to do this. What is this "I"? From the worldly point of view mind is a bundle of thoughts and visions but as it is when mind is able to watch itself, one realizes that it a combination of consciousness and energy. Ultimate truth of this mind is recognized as Divinity which is combination of Supreme Consciousness and Supreme Energy, SHIVA AND SHAKTI. Mind is totally independent of brain and certainly not a by-product of brain. If it was it would have been easy to control mind by any intoxicating medicine. Through spiritual practices it is possible to skilfully withdraw mind from the clutches of brain, without harming the health of brain. This is done through meditation which is a process where mind, by giving up all imaginations in total silence become aware of itself. If mind was a by-product of brain it could have been easily controlled by any process of controlling the brain. When brain is controlled it supresses brain's reflections by which mind temporarily becomes unconscious of body and surroundings. 


5) How actions arise? Is the concept of so called ‘Free will’ available to human beings?

Babaji answers: - The substance in which thoughts appear and that which is into imaginations all the time, you call it as mind, when the same mind tries to exercise discrimination like whether to do or not to do, whether it is good or not etc... by applying brains it is application of buddhi or intelligence, thirdly mind imagines, analyses like is this is good or bad, right or wrong , mine or not etc.. and instantly makes a judgment, due to this judgment mind acquires that judgment as a thought habit which sits in the mind, which is generally recognised as subconscious state of mind or Chitta, when a sense of me (as physical body) and mine is always gets induced within the mind it is ahankar ( aham mean me or my, akar is form) many subtle bodies of ahankar happens like belonging to a place, country, religion, caste , status, never ending etc...etc..., that is how one gets involved into illusion of me and mine....

Actions are induced by mind. When mind thinks, a thought appears and watching that thought, mind forgets that it is there because of my( it's) imaginations and instead considers that thought to be in real and thus makes a judgment. When mind acquires habits by analysing and judgments which is absorbed by mind as an imprint becomes the acquired habit of the mind. This habit of the mind induces one to go into an action. Many such judgments combined become a basic nature of a person. Often we see such type of good or bad, courageous or cowardly, composed strong or emotional and aggressive etc... actions in a person. 

If a person is into spiritual sadhanas like meditation etc.. such a one's mind can get better connected to divinity. Ultimate truth of mind is recognized as Divinity. Then such a one can exercise better free will. No conclusive answer is there though. A determined mind can have better free will. Free will is different and results coming out of such freewill are different, though better results as expected can happen but need not be according to every expectation. This result is to be accepted as destiny. Destiny also happens through free will. In my opinion freewill is exercised better by a mind connected to Divinity. Destiny also is a thing to be accepted by a mind of consciousness of lesser potency as a previous resolution of a stronger potency. Divinity neither exercises any freewill nor destiny. Divinity is in Mahasamadhi in Itself. These things happen by higher and lower potency consciousness exercising of resolutions.( Nothing is conclusive)


6) What is meant by Yoga?

Babaji answers:- Yoga is , training to remain into it's origin. There are two schools of Yoga. One is Yoga asanas, postures taught to keep physical body as healthy as possible. Through this postures to control the mind to make it remain united with it's origin. Another school of thought is directly exercises like meditation etc.. are taught to keep the mind united with it's origin which is real Self or Divinity.



-Shri Shiva Rudra Bala Yogi alias BABAJI, Spiritual leader of New Life Global Trust.


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