Activity Report

  • NLGT Activities so far


The trust was formed in 2005 and since then, with the help of donations from Founder Trustees ( Mr & Mrs Narayanan) and with few other well-wishers the trust carried out the following activities:

Our expenditure during the last 15 years of our existence will broadly sum up our Activity

We regularly fund the Poor student’s home ‘Karunai Illam’ located, Madambakkam, Chennai 600 126. We have been one of the main contributors to that organisation. Karunai Illam supports about 40 to 60 students (both boys and girls)on an average, from ages 4 to 21 studying in classes LKG to College level students consisting of Orphans, Semi-orphans , and rest all are destitute Children are supported by Karunai Illam. All students are sent to nearby Government and private. All children are provided with Boarding. They provide lunch also for few children who are day scholars. Karunai Illam also gets donations from other well-wishers and from few parents pay according to their financial convenience.


Amt in INR

Karunai Illa( Mainly education to Poor children)

 Rs 30,08,400

Medical expenses

Rs 4,57,590

Education ( others)

Rs 4,69,200

Spiritual Growth ( teaching Yoga, meditation,Pranayama etc.)

Rs 1,77,700

Donations –marriage exp & Others

 Rs 39,060

Administration expenses

 Rs 632,960

Total Donations ( from 2005 till 31st March 2019)

Rs 50,70,250

We published the following books:

1)“Journey to the Sublime”-essential teachings of Yoga Vashistha, Adi Sankara, Buddha and Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi mainly targeting Spiritual aspirants.

2)“His Master’s grace” containing TAPAS experiences of Shri Shivarudra balayogi before he attained Self-realisation.

3)“Sheaf of Poems” containing poems to kindle philosophical thinking amongst readers, author Shri R Ganesh.

4)“Sheaf of Poems-II” containing poems to kindle philosophical thinking amongst readers, author Shri R Ganesh.

Our Spiritual leader Shri Shivarudrabalayogi alias ‘BABAJI’ holds regular meditation and Q & A sessions’ alias BABAJI ( every year before Shivaratri when BABAJI passes by Chennai. Many devotees who attended such sessions have told us that they have gained a better understanding of what is GOD, Truth, and Self-realisation, expansion of consciousness etc.

The founder trustees also acknowledge the enormous non-monetary work ( cannot be expressed in money terms)done by other trustees especially by our Spiritual leader SHRI BABAJI and all others towards legal compliance, book publishing and website maintenance etc.


For New Life global trust


K.R.Narayanan ( Founder Trustee and Executive member)


Meenakshi Narayanan ( Founder Trustee Executive member)

Vishnu R Venkatraman

Best practices followed by NLGT:

  • 1) Regular compliance with law –
    1. a. preparing accounts and have it audited and filing tax returns every year. Regularly we apply to IT department to avail NIL TDS exemptions on our Interest on fixed deposits.
    2. b.Follow the procedures prescribed in FCRA regulations to obtain our foreign donations.( though very small)
  • 2) Publishing books of Spiritual interest
  • 3) Holding meditation sessions to kindle the thought of finding out “who am I” so that stress in everyday living is removed for the general public and those who are seriously interested in such sessions move to SELF-DISCOVERY under the guidance of our Spiritual leader Shri Shivarudra balayogi.
  • 4) Yoga, Pranayama and Dhyana(without implying any religion in a secular way) are taught regularly to Karunai-Illam children and this is found to be of enormous benefit to them both physically and mentally.
  • 5) Trustees fund the trust substantially without seeking donations from others.
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