NLGT Objectives

Why we call ourselves New Life Global Trust (NLGT) is that our vision encompasses the following:
  1. Bring THOUGHT MANAGEMENT (Meditation) as a regular subject in schools/ colleges and as a continuing subject of study at all professional levels throughout life until EGO transcendence or the ability to manage the time & space dimensions thoughts/imaginations  are achieved.
  2. TRANSCENDING EGO  includes dissolving all kinds of thoughts or previous impressions/ imaginations our mind carries due to our past and present actions recorded or perceived in the time & space dimensions. Such efforts by following the Raja Yoga path, lead to a pure state of mind, dedicating all our actions to the Universal Self or tuning our mind to divinity.
  3. REGULATED HOURS of work in material world to save time for thought management or practise of RAJA YOGA.
  4. Achieve expansion of Self or Consciousness eventually leading to realisation of Cosmic consciousness while engaging in material world to unite our Self with the Infinite Universal Self.
  5. Create a Cashless Society or Ashram for such evolved souls where the WISE will be attended to and cared for by those who still want to use the time & space thoughts/imaginations as the primary means for Well being.
  6. Promote Sanaatan Dharma where the Eternal Order is living the example of natural elements such as Space, air, fire, water and earth to be tolerant of others actions and be  HELPFUL TO OTHERS with an attitude of letting go all the time ( surrendering) so that the presence of Universal Self doing everything in this Cosmos (within or outside the time & space dimensions) is felt all the time.

When the above are implemented fully we can bring a qualitative change in our life where GROSS HAPPINESS INDEX can be measured instead of GDP or GNP and the process of moving from the present to the envisioned state can be called as NEW LIFE proposed to be achieved by NEW LIFE GLOBAL TRUST.